Zurich international Life


Zurich international online (ZIO)

As part of our commitment to customers and to keep you up to date with your policy, Zurich International online now gives you a fast and convenient way to access information. It’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so whether you want to know your current fund value or check your investment strategy, it’s easy to find the answers you’re looking for.

When you log on to Zurich International online you’ll find a whole range of information appropriate to your policy, including your:

  • current fund holding
  • current fund and surrender value
  • premium status
  • investment strategy
  • benefit information
  • current withdrawal arrangement and history
  • personal details

This means you won’t have to wait until your next statement to see how your policy is doing – everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Click here to download the ZIO registration and login guide to learn more about ZIO.

Forms download

Form no. Version Name
MSP13617 07.15 Appointment of Beneficiary Form
MSP12635 07.14 Personal deatils update form
MSP12638 04.14 Switch and redirection form
MSP12641 11.14 Switch and redirection guide
MSP12605 12.14 Method of payment from(Hong Kong only)
MSP12616 03.14 Certifying signature form
MSP12633 07.14 Lost policy declaration and indemnity form
MSP12612 07.14 Reinstatement request form
MSP12764 06.14 Opt-Out Cancellation Form
MSP12634 03.14 Contribution decrease request form
MSP12607 05.14 Maturity and reinvestment form
MSP12858 04.14 Origin of wealth - guideline and questionnaire
MSP13208 03.14 Advanced Claims Payment and Temporary Life Cover